Virtual Interviewing Tips for Locum Tenens Physicians

Virtual Interviewing as a Doctor

Are you a locum tenens physician on the search for new assignments? With virtual interviews becoming increasingly mainstream for all types of healthcare employers, locum tenens physicians must acclimate to evolving video interviewing platforms. 

If you find yourself struggling with virtual interviews, here are some tips to get you on track for success:  

Be aware of your body language

When you’re overly focused on answering interview questions, it can be easy to forget about your body language, or non-verbal communication. During a video interview, it’s especially critical to be aware of your body language when engaging with the interviewer. Using appropriate hand gestures, maintaining direct eye contact with the camera and displaying proper posture will be key in demonstrating strong communication and professionalism. Being cognizant of your body language, as it relates to your interview performance, will ultimately enhance your overall interview performance.    

Engage in active listening.

Part of having a successful interview involves actively listening to the interviewer and responding in a way that fully addresses the questions asked of you. While it may be tempting to quickly answer questions in an effort to sell yourself, it’s much better to be patient and carefully think through what the interviewer is asking, as well as what else they may like to know. It’s also important to ask thoughtful questions, as this will further demonstrate your interest in the position and desire to learn more about the opportunity.

Follow up in a timely manner.

Just because a virtual interview may seem more informal by nature, it’s critical that you follow up in a timely manner after your interview. Sending an email or following up with a quick call will show the interviewer that you valued the opportunity to interview for the position and appreciated their time. You can also use the follow-up as a chance to recap points of interest from your conversation, as well as provide more information to reinforce your credentials. With many employers now conducting video interviews, following up is crucial to standing out from the competition and staying on your interviewer’s radar.   

Keeping the practices above in mind as you prepare for virtual interviews will allow you to build your confidence while helping you present yourself in the best light possible. Most importantly, you’ll develop the necessary skills to effectively sell your qualifications to employers through video-based platforms.   

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