How to Welcome Your Locum Providers

Locum Tenens Physician

Think back to when you first started working at your facility. What was it like getting accustomed to everything? Did your orientation cover everything you needed to know? Did someone help you find your way around during your first week? Was there anything you wish someone had told you back when you started like where to park or how to use the phone system? These are all things to consider when bringing on board new providers, even if they are on a locum tenens assignment and will be there for a temporary period. Here are some ideas to help you welcome your locum tenens providers and make them feel at home:

Help them get to know the area.

While your locum tenens providers could be local to your facility, it’s common for them to travel from another city or even another state to work. In order to help them settle in and do what they need to both at work and at home, it’s a great idea to give them a packet or guide to the area. This can include information about where to find necessities like the bank, post office, and grocery stores. It can also be helpful to give advice on best routes to take or places to go out to eat. Not only is this useful information for someone new to town, but it shows hospitality that can make your newcomer feel welcomed.

Help them get to know your facility.

Orientation can vary from place to place, so it is worth your time to take a look at what that includes at your facility and see if there should be supplementary time spent on helping your locum providers get their bearings faster. This could be as simple as a welcome packet with information about where to find things around your facility, key contacts, and day to day processes such as how to use the phone system or where to find supplies. Appointing someone to help answer these questions and show your new providers around as part of orientation is a great way to make them feel appreciated too.

Check in regularly.

It’s important to think beyond the first few days when welcoming your locum providers. If you check in regularly with your new physician or advanced practice clinician, you can get a feel for how they are adapting to their shifts and the team. This will help you address any issues quickly and also shows your newest team member that you are invested in having them do well. For example, they may need a little help getting their logins or acclimating to a new EHR system. Getting ahead of any difficulties will make the assignment go smoothly for all parties.

Go the extra mile.

Not only will these efforts go a long way toward making your providers feel comfortable in your facility so they can hit the ground running, but going the extra mile will also make your facility look very professional and put together. This is important for maintaining a reputation among the locum tenens community and various provider communities for being a great place to work. Word gets around!

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