How Does Locum Tenens Offer Work-Life Balance for Nurse Practitioners?

Nurse Practitioner Careers

Between long hours and juggling personal commitments, a full-time nurse practitioner job can often be mentally and physically draining. Over the span of several years, many nurse practitioners tend to seek employment options that offer a bit more work-life balance. One of the many ways you can achieve a healthier balance between work and your personal life is through locum tenens employment.

Here are just some of the many work-life balance benefits afforded by a locum tenens career:

Change of pace. After working a full-time nurse practitioner job for an extended period, you may be craving a change of pace. Locum tenens assignments allow you to work in a new healthcare facility every few months, giving you an opportunity to be part of an entirely new medical team. Often the change of scenery can be helpful in reducing burnout, as the feeling of being in a new city or town every few months can be reinvigorating!

Unique travel opportunities. Many nurse practitioners have dreams to travel the country, yet few can make those dreams a reality due to work constraints. Locum tenens assignments allow you to travel the country while still earning a full-time, competitive income. The best part is you can choose where you’d like to work. Always wanted to visit Seattle? Craving a few months down south? Depending on your flexibility in terms of healthcare facility placement, it’s almost always possible to find a locum tenens assignment that matches your travel interests. With locum tenens jobs, many nurse practitioners find themselves achieving a positive balance between their work and travel aspirations.

Scheduling freedom. For many nurse practitioners, especially those approaching retirement, scheduling flexibility tends to be a huge priority. With a locum tenens path, you can choose what times of year you’d like to take on new assignments, such as opting for fall or summer months. The scheduling flexibility of locum tenens work allows for many nurse practitioners to transition from a full-time position into working on a more part-time basis on their own terms with assignments throughout the year.

Are you ready to embark on your locum tenens career?

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