Your Options as a Locum Tenens Emergency Physician

Are you looking for an in-demand locum tenens specialty? Look no further than emergency medicine locum tenens assignments. As ER departments across the country become increasingly overloaded with patients, there’s never been a greater need for locum tenens physicians to fill staffing gaps and gain access to numerous temp opportunities at facilities across the country.

Here here are three of the main reasons to consider pursuing ER locum tenens jobs:

Extra income.

If your goal is to earn some extra money, emergency medicine locum tenens employment can significantly supplement a full-time income. This is because these assignments typically consist of shorter, more condensed shifts – such as weekend assignments or moonlighting hours. Many physicians opt to take five to 10 locum tenens shifts per month, which allows for a healthy balance between a full-time job and temporary work.

Variety of assignment locations.

Emergency medicine physicians are needed in all types of healthcare facilities, including acute care hospitals, trauma centers, children’s hospitals, and physician groups, among many others. The vast demand for ER staffing makes it easy to choose from a variety of location options when choosing assignments, allowing you to pick work in cities or towns that appeal most to you in terms of travel interests. Because of the breadth of opportunity, you can opt to take on several assignments in one year and experience new parts of the country every few months.

Valuable experience

One of the most underrated benefits of emergency room locum tenens jobs is the chance to learn in fast-paced medical settings. In emergency departments, there’s a constant flow of patient cases – from heart attacks to bone fractures and everything in between. The variety of medical cases can offer you valuable exposure to many types of medical conditions, helping you build upon your experience and make yourself more marketable to future employers.

Whether you’re hoping to earn a supplemental income or simply acquire more experience in the medical field, there’s good reason to embark on emergency medicine locum tenens jobs. By working with a recruiter, you can explore all ER locum tenens options to determine which assignments are the best fit for you.

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