{Infographic} 5 Findings on Physicians Interested in Locum Tenens

If you are a healthcare facility operating across the U.S. today, then you are likely aware of the growing trend in locum tenens staffing. You may also know that multiple benefits are being seen by facilities that have implemented the use of locum tenens physicians to supplement their permanent staff. These benefits include increased levels of patient care, decreased levels of physician burnout, and increased billable services.

If you and your facility are considering the use of locum tenens or have recently put a strategy in place, you may be struggling to find the type of talent you want on staff. Whether that is a lack of applicants or the quality of them, understanding more about how top physicians interested in this field search for and evaluate positions can help you improve your workforce. Below is a helpful infographic highlighting five surprising findings about physicians interested in locum tenens.