Get Better at Attracting Great Providers

Find Great Locum Tenens Providers

Is your facility having trouble attracting great candidate providers for your open locum tenens position? It may be time to revamp your recruitment process and implement some new practices. After all, the more qualified your workforce, the better patient outcomes you’ll achieve at your organization. Here are some impactful changes you can make to improve your locum tenens recruitment and hiring outcomes:

Be specific in your job descriptions.

Chances are your facility needs locum tenens providers to fulfill roles in certain medical specialties or departments. Clearly articulating your organization’s needs in job descriptions is key to attracting candidates who are fully qualified and able to meet your expectations for assignments. Ideally, job descriptions should include all the skills, credentials and background requirements candidates will need to contribute to your facility in the most productive way. Refining your job descriptions will make it easier for candidates to assess how suitable they are for your facility in a locum tenens capacity. 

Take advantage of social recruiting.

The rise of social media has made it much easier for facilities to promote and advertise locum tenens opportunities to candidates. Social recruiting – or recruiting candidates through social media channels – allows your internal hiring team to reach out to both active and passive candidates about jobs relevant to their professional expertise. This provides ample opportunities not only for your team to reach out to candidates but for candidates to ask questions and learn about your facility as an employer. Establishing this type of two-way communication enhances the quality of your candidate pipeline and expands your reach to a broader pool of relevant applicants.  

Invest in a specialized staffing partnership.

The good news is that you don’t have to find locum tenens talent completely on your own. There are many specialized locum tenens staffing agencies that can assist in helping your facility find top candidates to meet your workforce needs. Enlisting the services of a staffing firm that understands your facility will be critical in finding the “best fit” candidates who will require minimal training and supervision on assignments. Furthermore, your staffing firm will be able to execute a recruitment plan quickly, helping you fill vacancies in a timely and cost-effective manner.      

With the tips above, you can make meaningful changes to the way in which you recruit locum tenens talent while saving your facility significant time and money. Most importantly, you’ll improve the quality of your workforce and position your organization as a highly sought-after locum tenens employer to candidates.  

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