Benefits of Locum Tenens Shifts During the Holidays

Holiday Locum Tenens Coverage

You’re likely aware of the many perks of working locum tenens assignments, but have you considered the benefits of locum tenens shifts during the holidays? With healthcare facilities often having low staffing levels during holiday months, this can be the ideal time of year to explore locum tenens work and get acclimated with everything the field has to offer professionally, financially and personally. As the holidays are now upon us, check out some of the major benefits of locum tenens shifts:  

Career Growth and Development

Do you struggle to fit professional growth into your daily routine? Taking on locum tenens assignments can be a valuable way to acquire more skills and experience while earning competitive pay. With the holiday time often being the most fast-paced for any healthcare facility, working holiday shifts will give you a chance to serve patients in a critical capacity when staffing levels are often their lowest. The opportunity to handle a multitude of responsibilities can help you gain more confidence on the job when dealing with a variety of patient concerns.   

More Opportunities 

If you tend to be pickier about the types of locum tenens assignments you take on, you’ll be pleased to know the holiday season offers a wider range of opportunities to choose from. Many healthcare facilities have ample openings for both one-off shifts and longer-term temporary jobs, as they experience a growing need to accommodate staffing gaps and fluctuations that often occur during the months of November and December. Even if you have a busy personal schedule, chances are you’ll be able to fit in some locum tenens shifts while balancing all your other commitments.   

Extra Income

For many locum tenens providers, one of the most appealing aspects of working holiday shifts is to earn extra money while maintaining employment flexibility. Whether your goal is to supplement a current full-time income or solely work in a locum tenens capacity, holiday assignments can provide a great financial cushion that allows you to choose when, where, and how long you’d like to work. In some cases, many hospitals offer higher pay to providers as an incentive to work holiday shifts and fill in when their regular staff takes time off during.  

In addition to the benefits listed above, working as a locum tenens provider during the holidays can be an incredibly rewarding experience. After all, there’s nothing more fulfilling than caring for sick patients who are unable to be home with their families during this time of year.    

Ready to work locum tenens for the upcoming holiday season?  

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