Benefits of Hiring Physician Assistants

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As the demands at healthcare facilities become greater, it’s increasingly important for medical teams to seek outside labor to keep up with patient needs. Hiring physician assistants in a locum tenens capacity is a great option for filling labor needs while improving the way patient care is delivered. There are many benefits physician assistants can provide to your healthcare facility, including the following:

Better time management. Patient caseloads can vary greatly from day to day, often pulling your full-time physicians in many different directions. Having locum tenens PAs on staff can help your physicians better juggle patient needs, allowing them to dedicate their time to more severely ill or injured patients while PAs fill in to treat patients with less critical conditions. Additionally, having PAs on board will free up the schedules of your physicians who hold more management responsibilities, giving them more time to handle other aspects of their jobs that are separate from patient care.

Cost-effective labor. Every healthcare facility has peak times in which patient caseloads are highest. Employing locum tenens physicians during holiday times in which full-time staff may be taking time off is a very cost-effective labor option. With a locum tenens workforce, you’ll be able to fill seasonal or unexpected vacancies while ensuring patient care remains uncompromised.

Improved patient satisfaction. High patient satisfaction starts with top-quality patient care. Having the assistance of PAs in your medical unit allows for better multifaceted care of patients, in which they feel more attended to throughout the course of their treatments. PAs also play a role in providing patient education and counseling, actively addressing the concerns of patients and their families. Patients who feel more informed and comfortable in their care are more likely to have positive experiences at your facility, resulting in higher satisfaction.

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