What Benefits Do Rural Facilities Offer?

Benefits of Rural Hospitals

Many would agree that the most appealing aspect of a locum tenens career path is the opportunity to choose where you’d like to work. If you’re just starting your locums journey, you may be overwhelmed by the vast number of cities and towns in need of locum tenens workers. As you consider your locum tenens options, you may be tempted to dismiss jobs in rural areas. However, rural locum tenens jobs can prove to be an enormous asset to your career. Here are some of the many benefits of working at healthcare facilities in rural locations:

Greater depth of professional experience. Because there generally aren’t many physicians in rural areas, you’ll have a better opportunity to gain greater hands-on experience and handle more patient caseloads. In many instances, you may even have greater exposure to different medical specialties in which you can explore what areas of healthcare interest you most. This is a valuable way to build your skills in different practice areas, as well as increase your confidence and adaptability.

Lower cost of living. In most cases, the standard of living costs much less in rural areas. Therefore, a locum tenens job in a small town will allow you a greater earning potential, as living costs for things like housing and food will be much lower than they’d be in a major city. Lower living costs will afford you more discretionary income to spend on other things during your assignment, such as recreation or dining out. Or, if you’re a recent graduate, you may appreciate putting having extra savings to put toward student loan debt!

Higher quality of life. With a rural area typically comes less stress and likelihood of burnout. Many locum tenens pros fall in love with the slower pace of a rural town and its greater sense of community. Coupled with a lower cost of living, the peaceful quality of a rural area becomes very appealing to locum tenens pros who enjoy spending time in nature and living in a more hometown environment.

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