Think Rural Opportunities Aren’t For You? Think Again!

Benefits of Rural Locum Tenens Opportunities
Many healthcare professionals pursue locum tenens jobs with a goal to travel the country and have exciting experiences in bustling cities. However, locum tenens work can also be ideal for those seeking a more laid back experience in rural areas. With many opportunities available across the countryside, keep reading below to learn why you should pursue locum tenens jobs in rural areas:

Greater earnings and lower living expenses. In general, housing costs, food items and everyday living expenses tend to be substantially lower in rural areas than in major cities. This means that locum tenens physicians have a greater earning potential in rural areas where living costs are lower and there is less competition for jobs. This can be especially appealing for physicians who have a large amount of student loan debt to pay off and want more disposable income to pay off that debt without sacrificing their standard of living.

Better work-life balance. Based on the simple fact that life in rural towns tends to be slower and less hectic than urban areas, you’ll find that rural locum tenens work will give you more time for yourself. Rather than having to deal with long commutes, you’ll be able to spend more time on hobbies, professional growth and your personal relationships. Most importantly, you’ll find it easier to strike a healthy work-life balance as you’ll experience reduced stress levels.

New experiences. If you’ve never lived in a rural area, a locum tenens job in the country can be an eye-opening experience. You’ll experience an entirely new lifestyle and gain exposure to different types of practice settings. This can have a positive impact on your career growth, as you’ll learn about alternative ways to practice medicine and work with patients of a different demographic. Most importantly, you’ll find it rewarding to serve the needs of a smaller community where you can make a greater impact on patient care.

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