How Does Locum Tenens Experience Build Your CV?

Working on your CV

As a healthcare practitioner, consistently building your resume is critical for growing your career and obtaining more advanced opportunities. One of the more overlooked ways to build your curriculum vitae (CV) is by working locum tenens jobs. Unlike most traditional permanent healthcare positions, locum tenens jobs offer employment in a wide array of medical settings and locations. This means locum tenens workers acquire valuable skills and experiences that many other candidates do not have on their resumes.

To make yourself more marketable in the healthcare field, here are some reasons why locum tenens jobs can enhance your CV and position you as a top candidate to employers:

Vast healthcare experience.

The workplace exposure you receive as a locum tenens provider is unmatched, especially when compared to other full-time healthcare positions. Highlighting on your CV the vast employment experience you’ve obtained as a locum tenens professional will show employers you’re well equipped and prepared to handle the demands of their workplace – no matter how challenging or difficult they may be.

Communication and adaptability.

It goes without saying that adaptability and communication skills are essential for any locum tenens career. The opportunity to have been part of a variety of healthcare environments demonstrates your ability to transition into new employment situations with ease and work well with many types of people. Your success in locum tenens jobs will indicate high degrees of adaptability and communication – both top traits sought by healthcare employers.

Broad knowledgebase.

As a locum tenens provider, you have the unique opportunity to learn different medical specialties and expand your clinical experience on the job. Showcasing the many types of caseloads and management you’ve encountered will reflect positively on your knowledge and skills. Employers will appreciate the fact you have not been committed to just one practice, but have broadened your horizons by working in many diverse healthcare settings.

With the growing competition for healthcare jobs, embarking on a locum tenens career is one of the most effective ways to stand out in the candidate pool. As you build your CV, keeping the factors above in mind will help you positively highlight your locum tenens work as you advance professionally.

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