Busting Three of the Most Common Locum Tenens Myths

Locum Tenens Providers

Are negative perceptions about the locum tenens field holding you back from adding locum tenens physicians to your team? Unfortunately, there are many myths regarding locum tenens as an option, making it critical to educate people about the high value these providers bring to medical teams of all types.

Three of the most common locum tenens myths:  

Locum tenens physicians are expensive

Many organizations are hesitant to bring on board locum tenens providers because they believe they’ll be an expensive addition to their workforce. This is a major misconception, as hiring locum tenens staff can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time physicians (and paying for all the expenses that come along with full-time staff). Though locum tenens physicians in certain medical specialties may be costly, most staffing agencies will work with you on establishing fair pay for your locum tenens providers. After all, what is that vacancy costing you instead?

Locum tenens physicians are underqualified

Contrary to the common rumor that locum tenens physicians are underqualified or undesirable candidates, these clinicians are just as skilled and credentialed as their full-time counterparts. Many locum tenens providers are highly experienced physicians in their fields, many of whom have voluntarily made the transition to temporary assignments for more freedom and a better work-life balance. Reputable staffing agencies recruit only the most qualified and reliable locum tenens providers through a careful vetting and screening process, so you can trust that you are getting the staff you need when you work with a trusted staffing partner.

Locum tenens physicians are less motivated

If you think locum tenens providers have less incentive to work hard, you couldn’t be more wrong! Locum tenens physicians at large are extremely committed to delivering optimal patient care, as many of them enter the field so they can focus solely on patients and rid themselves of administrative responsibilities. Even though they’re hired in a short-term capacity, locum tenens physicians are known for their willingness to adapt to their surroundings and assist medical teams as needed to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction.

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Now that you’ve got all the facts, what are you waiting for? Locum tenens providers can transform your organization in ways you could never imagine.

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