Case Study: Resuscitating a Vital Program

Case Study - Resuscitating a Vital Program

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Client Profile

The client is a large health system in California that serves diverse communities throughout the region. In addition to offering a wide variety of medical services, the client also invests in medical research and educational programs to promote a bright future in healthcare for the communities it serves. This health system is also well known for its charitable work providing care to the uninsured and underinsured through programs in schools, shelters, clinics, and more. The client has received numerous awards and national recognition for its top-rated programs, superior performance and quality in many different specialties.

The Situation

The NICU at this particular facility had multiple coverage needs including neonatal hospitalists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatologists, and pediatric hospitalists that could cover the nursery and the pediatric floor. The client would soon lose their Pediatric Residency Program and would need help covering the entire pediatric schedule.

They would need help quickly in order to continue to serve their vulnerable pediatric patients while maintaining the highest quality of care. They were working with other locum tenens staffing companies, but when the competition was unable to find the right staff, our team stepped in with a swift resolution to the staffing shortage.

The Solution

As soon as the client requested our assistance, our team got right to work to find the appropriate staff for the open positions. Not only did we fill the initial requests, but we were able to go above and beyond the original request to provide world-class service for our client as further needs arose.

  • Our Rapid Response Team immediately sourced eight qualified candidates for their consideration. They immediately chose five providers from that pool to start credentialing to support their Residency Program that would be terminating.
  • The client only wanted to consider local physicians within driving distance in order to cut back on travel expenses and to ensure that they would have a pool of providers that could assist in last minute situations. While other locums companies struggled to meet this specific requirement, we were able to source local candidates and get them engaged and working at the facility.
  • One of our physicians that started providing coverage as a pediatric hospitalist for the client was also able to provide them with neonatology coverage after finishing her NEO Fellowship. She was such a great fit for the NICU that they credentialed her at a sister facility to assist in their unit as well.
  • After we started providing coverage, we learned that the client had previously had a pediatric pulmonology program that had to be closed due to a lack of coverage and patients were now being diverted. One of our pediatric hospitalists had completed a pulmonology fellowship and was able to start providing pediatric pulmonary call coverage for them. They were able to utilize our provider to stop diverting patients and bring their pediatric pulmonology program back in-house. This provider has done such an excellent job that she is in the process of transitioning to a permanent role at the facility in order to help manage their new pediatric pulmonology program.
  • Other areas of the client’s health system took note of the success at this facility and we were asked to assist the Heart Institute with an urgent request for cardiac surgery intensivists. The Heart Institute’s request was especially challenging because the requirements were very specific; eligible providers must have two separate fellowships, be licensed in the state, have impeccable backgrounds with zero issues, be board certified, and needed to be local. Even with these parameters, our experienced team understood the urgency of the request and immediately supplied six providers to them for consideration.
  • Our reputation helped us build further relationships within the system and soon we were meeting their needs in numerous specialties and locations.

The MPLT Way

Our team has been staffing this health system for over a year now as a result of these successes. We have worked diligently to find local providers from the community who are a great fit for the culture at these facilities and who meet the highest quality standards. Not only were we able to find the absolute best providers for these requests, but we helped resurrect and revamp the pediatric pulmonology program at one of the client’s facilities, enabling the client to better serve the community and bring that revenue back in-house.

Additionally, our team worked to accommodate the urgency of these needs and source people who live in the community. Our credentialing team has also been absolutely dedicated to ensuring that the physicians would have appropriate documentation as fast as possible, working around a very strict credentialing process and still managing to cut the time for credentialing down by one third. Going above and beyond to provide the best possible service is the MPLT way, and we continue to do so for this client to this day.

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