Case Study: Flexible Solutions to Meet Staffing Needs

Case Study - Flexible Solutions to Meet Staffing Needs

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The Situation

When a large hospital system found itself in dire need of providers on an urgent timetable, they turned to MPLT Healthcare for a solution. This client made a last minute decision to move away from a hospital management group in order to transition to a Vendor Management System (VMS). To successfully facilitate this change, our client would need to maintain enough hospitalist coverage to sustain the proper staffing levels that would ensure the high level of patient care for which their facilities were known.

Our Account Manager had already been servicing this client through the existing hospital management group and had built strong relationships with our client contacts at each of their facilities. Our top priority was to support our client’s critical needs during this transition, regardless of whether or not it would be through the current hospital management group or through an entirely new VMS platform. Based on the exceptional service levels that they had already experienced with MPLT Healthcare, the hospital system made the decision to give us the unique opportunity to work exclusively on these openings before opening them up to any of the other vendors readily available to them through the Vendor Management System.

The client needed the entire hospitalist schedule filled and wanted to see a minimum of 30 providers for their review and consideration within a seven day window. They needed an extensive solution tailored to very specific and urgent needs. MPLT Healthcare appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to rise to the challenge and support our client during such a critical time, so we moved quickly to mobilize our team and went above and beyond to ensure results within a very tight timeframe.

The Solution

In just three days’ time, our team had presented the client with 20 qualified providers and by day seven, we had supplied them with over 35 providers that were ready to support their needs. The client chose to immediately credential 13 of these providers for one of their locations. We filled the entire calendar for the facility, providing them with four to five hospitalists a day, with providers that had significant amounts of on-going availability.

Our team exhibited a strong sense of urgency, working around the clock to get these providers in place as quickly as possible. We had less than two months to get all of the providers through phone screening, credentialing, onboarding, and orientation in order for them to start in time to cover their scheduled shifts. We worked extensively with the client’s onboarding and credentialing teams and even managed to get all 13 providers scheduled for orientation with just two back-to-back dates and times available, ensuring that all of the providers could meet the client’s immediate needs.

Thanks to the MPLT Healthcare team’s expertise in the area of urgent requests like this, our client was able to experience a seamless transition from the hospital management group to the VMS. The client continued to utilize our 13 providers extensively for the first several months of their transition. While our team kept the hospitalist program running, the client’s recruitment team was able to focus exclusively on recruiting permanent providers. This gave the client’s recruiting team more time to carefully vet and select providers that would be the best fit for their facilities. We were honored when two of our providers were asked to go on staff with the client, allowing us to become part of their permanent solution.

MPLT Healthcare is always looking for ways to bring added value to our partnerships with our clients. In this scenario, we were able to provide staff for last minute and hard-to-fill shifts by credentialing local providers, allowing us to minimize travel expense associated with the coverage. As the client continued to utilize our resources, the relationship grew from assisting with one specialty in just one facility to servicing multiple specialties at five different facilities within their network. We continue to partner with and support this hospital system today.

The MPLT Way

Thanks to MPLT Healthcare’s ability to support our client throughout a number of different pressing scenarios, the client ended up giving us preferred status to fill further needs. We were pleased to demonstrate how we could add value to our partnership by providing highly qualified physicians and cultivating those physicians locally in order to keep the client’s costs down, all while credentialing them quickly and efficiently. Our flexibility was paramount in this situation, both in our ability to service the client whether they were utilizing a hospital management group or transitioning to a VMS, but also in our ability to support their needs within such an abbreviated timeline. Quality Providers – Trusted Results. That’s the MPLT Way!

Client Background

The client is a healthcare system in the Midwest that has served a large and diverse patient population for over 100 years. With a faith-based guiding philosophy, this system’s mission is to provide the best possible care and healing for the mind, body and spirit. The client has earned numerous accreditations and awards for performance and service.

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