Case Study: Supplying Our Client’s Rapid Growth

Case Study - Supplying Rapid Growth

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Client Profile

The client was a national specialty-based hospital management group that reached out to us for assistance providing locum tenens coverage. Thanks to previous work with this client, MPLT Healthcare already had a great standing relationship with the team that allowed us to move quickly and get to work immediately on the new project when the opportunity arose.

The Situation

  • The client had a rapidly growing portfolio that meant increasing locums needs throughout several key
    areas in the country.
  • Thanks to our previous relationship with the client, we acted as a preferred partner on standby to receive
    job orders directly in order to get to work on them as quickly as possible.
  • Our locum tenens providers would give the client the coverage they needed until they could find the
    permanent staff to take over. This allowed them to take their time and find the perfect match for those
    permanent positions.

The Solution

Our team assisted with the client’s rapid growth in a number of ways:

  • Since we had worked with this client before, we had intimate knowledge of their processes, allowing us to work efficiently with the various offices, credentialing staff, payors, and hospitals involved in the process. If there were any changes to the process, our team was able to pivot quickly and adapt as needed in order to give the client what they required.
  • We gave them candidates to review within 24 hours of receiving a request in order to deliver providers rapidly to fill urgent needs.
  • When the client wanted to bid on a contract, we helped with rates, market information, availability, potential costs for locums, and assurance that they would have the right staff for the program on the timetable required.
  • We were part of the permanent solution in addition to providing locum tenens solutions as several of our locum providers went on to become permanent staff, even taking on leadership positions.
  • Over 20 of our providers were cross-credentialed to be able to provide coverage across multiple facilities as needed. This increased efficiency and allows us to utilize the best talent where they were needed most.
  • To date, we have submitted over 1,000 providers to this client.
  • Over 200 providers have been placed with this client to date, and we continue to work with them to provide high quality healthcare professionals whenever they are needed.

The MPLT Way

Not only did MPLT Healthcare provide those services, but we went above and beyond to work with this client through occasional circumstances outside of the norm. For example, when a hurricane impacted an area served by the client, we found the providers needed to keep those facilities running when some staff could not get to work due to the ongoing natural disaster. At MPLT Healthcare, we go above and beyond to give our clients what they need in order continue providing life-changing services to the patients and communities they serve.

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