The Importance of Communication With Your Recruiter

Physician Recruiters

Starting any new job can be both energizing and nerve-racking, whether down the street or thousands of miles away from home. When it comes to locum tenens work, it’s critical you communicate directly with your recruiter for a multitude of reasons – including job placement logistics, housing accommodations and travel arrangements. Even the most experienced locum tenens professionals still look to their recruiters for help and guidance before and during their assignments.

Here are some reasons why effective communication with your recruiter is so important:

Understanding contracts and agency processes. Communication throughout the contract process is key, as your recruiter will help you understand the terms of your assignment contract, a legally binding agreement between you and a healthcare facility. It’s important to ask your recruiter about any questions or concerns you have regarding your contract’s terms and conditions, as you must be fully informed of what will be expected of you during your assignment. Additionally, your recruiter will also be assisting you in the complex process of contract negotiations, so it’s in your best interest to take their counsel seriously.

Credentialing and obtaining licenses. Unlike many other industries, understanding credentialing and licensing requirements for a locum tenens assignment requires a high level of skill and expertise. Your recruiter will be able to help you navigate this process so you’re fully prepared and qualified for a job. Your recruiter will also be instrumental in handling all your additional assignment details, including travel and housing arrangements.

Finding future opportunities. The job of your recruiter is not only to place you in an assignment, but help you find solutions to achieve your career goals. By communicating your background and professional interests, your recruiter can help you find future jobs in your clinical specialty, as well as inform you of current industry trends, standard compensation and the like. Braced with knowledge about your goals, they may also tap into their networks to connect you with new opportunities that match your candidate profile.

The more actively you communicate with your recruiter, the easier it will be for them to handle the tasks above on your behalf. Not only will this ensure accuracy and attention to detail, but will allow you to focus on what’s most important – performing your locums tenens job!

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