Debunking Common Locum Tenens Myths

Locum Tenens Myths 

Are you a physician looking to make a shift in your career? You may have heard about locum tenens jobs, but never explored the option due to common misconceptions about the field. Unfortunately, there are many myths about locum tenens that may derail physicians from exploring the many incredible benefits afforded by locum tenens work. Taking the time to fully educate yourself about a locum tenens path can open your eyes up to potentially life-changing professional opportunities. As you do your research, beware of these common myths:

Myth #1: Locum tenens work is unreliable and unpredictable

Many physicians are hesitant to enter the locum tenens field because they believe they will not consistently secure assignments on a regular basis. What many don’t realize is that there’s a growing demand for locum tenens providers in all areas of medicine at facilities across the country. As long as you’re willing to travel and work in different healthcare environments, you’ll always find new opportunities that align with your experience, skills and qualifications.

Myth #2: Locum tenens work doesn’t pay well

The idea that locum tenens assignments don’t pay well is easily one of the biggest misconceptions of the field. In most cases, assignments offer more competitive pay than permanent positions, with hourly rates that can go over 30 to 50 percent higher than full-time jobs. Also, pay for locum tenens is reliable, as pay is guaranteed no matter how many procedures are performed during shifts. Facilities offer competitive pay for locum tenens physicians because they want them strictly focused on providing quality patient care.

Myth #3: Locum tenens assignments are in boring places

The beauty of locum tenens work is that it gives you an opportunity to choose which city or town you’d like to work in. There are locum tenens jobs in almost every state, and physicians can choose whether they’d like an urban or rural setting. By working with a recruiter, you’ll be presented with locum tenens positions in your list of desired locations. Furthermore, if your goal is to work close to home, you’re in luck! Over the past several years, the rising demand in the field has resulted in many openings that may allow you to stay in your own area.

Now that you know the facts, what are you waiting for? With endless opportunities across the country, there’s bound to be a perfect locum tenens assignment waiting for you.

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