Documents Needed to Apply for Locum Tenens Jobs

Applying for Locums Jobs

Are you seeking out locum tenens jobs, but feeling overwhelmed by the application requirements? Preparing all necessary documentation in advance will help to ease the hiring process and allow you to make the best impression in front of potential employers. If you’re in the early stages of applying for locum tenens jobs, here are some of the most important documents you’ll need to have on hand as you complete your applications:   

3 Documents Needed for Locum Tenens

Updated curriculum vitae (CV).

Having an updated CV is essential to the locum tenens application process, especially as you get ready to discuss your qualifications during interviews. Take the time to fully update your CV with all your past jobs and professional engagements, as well as all your current licensures and certifications. It’s also important to format your CV so it provides a clear chronology of your employment history and progression in your medical area of specialty. If you happen to have any major employment gaps, be prepared to explain these during your interviews.  

Credentialing information.

Providing your licensing and education credentials is often one of the first steps to any locum tenens application. These documents typically include your medical school diploma; internship, residency and fellowship certificates; your current state license card; and any other licenses and certifications as applicable. If you are aiming to be placed in a state in which you’re not licensed yet, your agency may assist you with the licensing process and help you file the required paperwork.

Professional references. 

In most situations, you’ll be required to provide at least three professional references as part of the application process (at least two of which should be from clinicians within your specific medical specialty). Ideally, your references should consist of individuals whom you’ve worked with in healthcare settings within the past five years. Be sure to compile your list of references and their current contact information before you begin the application process, and be sure to notify your referral sources that you’re seeking locum tenens employment so they will be prepared if they are contacted.

While it may seem burdensome at first, gathering the documentation above in preparation for your locum tenens job search will save you a lot of wasted time. Remember, your recruiter is always available to help you navigate every aspect of the hiring process as well, so be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

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