Feeling Burned Out? These Strategies May Help

Strategies to Help Burnout

Has your work as a provider left you feeling physically and mentally exhausted? There’s no denying that these unusual times have taken their toll on healthcare providers, and locum tenens physicians are certainly no exception. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, now is the time to regroup and consider how you can make some positive changes. Here are some strategies that may help you improve your work-life balance and reset as we continue into 2021:

Make time for yourself. While your shifts can leave you feeling like you’re constantly running around, it’s important to make time for yourself and take advantage of your time off from work. Spending a couple of hours each week on a hobby or connecting virtually with friends and family members can help you recharge your batteries and alleviate tension from work. No matter how busy your work may feel, making time for yourself will give you the rest and rejuvenation needed to excel professionally.

Seek help and guidance. If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed or overworked, your performance on the job is bound to suffer. Before waiting until you feel completely out of control, it’s best to speak with your supervisor and explain how you've been feeling. Depending on your points of concern, your supervisor may be able to provide additional support or training to alleviate some of your stress levels and help you feel more comfortable in your medical unit. If you are a locum tenens provider, it's also important to check in with your recruiter and let them know of any concerns. Your recruiter will make sure your assignment is being run according to your locum tenens contract and correspond with the employer on resolving any issues you may be encountering.

Find an area of medicine that’s most fulfilling. The beauty of locum tenens work is that is allows you to choose many aspects of your assignments, including certain medical specialties, depending on your background. Many physicians choose locum tenens assignments because they’re seeking opportunities in which they can practice medicine within an area of healthcare that’s most appealing to them for a variety of reasons. For example, a physician who may have been personally affected by cancer may choose to take on locum tenens assignments in the oncology field. Pursuing assignments in areas of medicine based on your personal preferences will provide a naturally more fulfilling experience, leading to less stress and burnout during your shifts. An added benefit to the locum tenens lifestyle is that you can also give yourself more work-life balance if you need more time to recuperate during these unprecedented times.

Like any area of healthcare, locum tenens work can come with its challenges – especially during a global pandemic. Addressing burnout early is key to preventing it from becoming detrimental to your physical and mental health. As you kick off 2021, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to excel in your essential work as a provider.

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