How to Get Physicians to Relocate to Your Facility

Getting Physicians to Come to Your Facility

Is your hiring team currently looking for new physicians to add to your growing practice areas? Getting qualified physicians to relocate to your facility (especially if you’re in a rural area) can often be a challenge. As healthcare recruitment becomes increasingly competitive among employers, it’s critical to ensure your organization is equipped to recruit physicians from all over the country.

As your hiring team strives to attract new talent, here are some strategies that can significantly propel your recruitment efforts:

Showcase your organization’s culture. In addition to marketing your physician opportunities, it’s equally important to showcase everything your facility has to offer in terms of work environment and culture. You can communicate your facility’s culture in a variety of ways, such as through videos on your website and social media channels; employee testimonials; and professional development offerings. Educating physicians about how they can thrive at your facility and advance their careers will make you a more attractive employer and demonstrate that you’re invested in your physicians’ long-term growth.

Highlight what your region has to offer. To effectively attract new physicians, you must also market your region and what it has to offer in terms of housing, education, and overall cost of living. For example, does your community offer a plethora of family-friendly activities, such as sports, theater, and recreational opportunities? Are housing costs in your area much lower than those in other parts of the country? Do you have highly ranked public and private schools and universities? Promoting the various assets of your region will educate physician candidates about the many reasons to consider relocating to your facility’s city or town.

Offer loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Most physicians – especially recent graduates – have enormous amounts of student loan debt. As part of your salary and benefits packages, consider offering loan repayment and forgiveness programs to physician candidates under the conditions that they work at your facility for a designated amount of time. If you require physicians with specific medical specialties, implementing recruitment at medical schools that focus on these specialties is a great way to attract and retain talent. Financial incentives of this nature will help your facility build a strong employer reputation, especially in the eyes of approaching medical school graduates.

Are you looking for new physicians to grow your team?

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