How the Locum Tenens Process Works


Locum tenens opportunities are growing across the United States, offering physicians and advanced practice clinicians a chance to explore different geographical locations, practice settings, and work environments; while working part-time or full-time and still earning a great living. If this sounds appealing, getting started is actually much easier than you may think. With the help of a reputable locum tenens staffing agency you can get from inquiry to payday with very little hassle. Outlined below are what you can expect if you choose to work with MPLT Healthcare in your pursuit of locums opportunities:

Inquiring into Opportunities

If you are a physician, nurse practitioner, or a physician’s assistant seeking employment opportunities to shift into locum tenens work, you may be wondering where to get started. The internet is an obvious choice and as the locums industry expands, you will note an increasing number of staffing agencies offering these services. NALTO or the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations is a great place to start. Here you can find reputable locum tenens staffing firms that can help you with the process. You can also go directly to the job search page at MPLT Healthcare, a proud member of NALTO. Our job search function allows you to simply search for openings based on your practice area and preferred location. If you don’t see what you are looking for, check back as we post new openings daily or register for our daily job alerts. Be prepared to answer some questions as our recruiters strive to understand your motivation for engaging in locum tenens and the locations you are interested in practicing. Having your CV ready is ideal, as it can help us tailor our search specifically to your experience and increase the odds of a successful placement. Our goal is to find the right match for your goals, needs, and desires.

Interviewing Process

Once you decide on an opportunity that is right for you, MPLT Healthcare will walk you through everything you need to know regarding the role, the employer, and the location you are applying for. If you choose to give us permission to move forward, we will contact the facility, present your qualifications to the hiring manager, and set you up for an interview. Our recruiters will be with you throughout the process to help set expectations on both sides and coach you through a successful interview process.

Documentation and Credentialing

Once both parties have agreed to move forward with the placement, the paperwork submission process begins. We have a dedicated credentialing team in place to ensure all the proper licensing, registrations, and insurance policies are in place on day one. You provide us with your educational certificates, and board certifications, current state licensing, controlled substance registrations, Federal DEA and a valid form of ID. From there our credentialing experts and recruiters take over, also assisting if additional licensing or registration is needed for the role.


Once all the proper documents have been verified, it’s time to start preparing for your new role as a locum tenens practitioner. One of our recruiters will be there to arrange travel and lodging, covered by MPLT Healthcare, and you will be on your way.

Orientation and Practicing

Upon arrival at your new place of employment, most of our partners provide orientation that lasts from a couple hours to a few days. Don’t worry we will let you know what to expect. However, in the rare event there is no orientation offered, we also help you identify the key individuals to ensure a successful on-boarding. Once you begin, remember you are there to fill a critical need at the facility, so hit the ground running. Being flexible and adaptable will ensure future placements or even an opportunity for a permanent position if you decide to take that route.

Completion and Payment

MPLT Healthcare provides weekly direct deposits for your work.  You will be responsible for submitting your time logs on-time and in good order with the proper authorizations.

It really is that easy.  With the help of a staffing agency like MPLT Healthcare, much of the tedious legwork is done for you, while giving you a supporting cast in your new pursuit. Ready to make the switch to an exciting new career in locum tenens? Contact us today!