Learning New Technology as a Locum Tenens Physician

Learning a New EMR

Are you hesitant to explore locum tenens jobs because of the prospect of having to use new technologies such as additional EMR/EHR programs? There’s no denying that working with new technology on locum tenens assignments can be stressful and overwhelming, but don’t give up just yet. With new healthcare technology appearing on the scene each year, it can sometimes feel like a constant battle to keep up with the latest platforms and systems. However, with the right approach and training, you can successfully prepare yourself for any tech challenges that come your way. As you navigate new technologies from job to job, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Seek training before your assignment. In the case of many locum tenens roles, facilities expect their providers to hit the ground running as early as their first day on the job. While many organizations offer some preliminary onsite training, it can be helpful to undergo some formal training though your healthcare provider prior to your start date. For instance, you may opt to learn what type of EMR/EHR the organization uses so you can get comfortable with how the system works, either by teaching yourself or taking a training course.

Be proactive about learning on the job. When starting any new locum tenens assignment, it’s critical to give yourself time to adequately learn the technologies you’ll need to operate on the job. During your first couple of weeks at work, it’s best to proactively ask questions and have any points of confusion cleared up by your supervisor. From learning different EMR/EHR systems to operating several types of software, there are many practices you’ll be expected to adopt during your time at each facility.

Embrace new technologies. One of the most valuable aspects of a locum tenens career is the opportunity to be exposed to new technologies and gain experience using new tools and systems. The knowledge you acquire on your assignments will carry over into other parts of your career, making you a more competitive provider for other locum tenens jobs or full-time positions in the future. Embracing the learning process and taking new technologies in stride is a key to success in any locum tenens assignment.

While it can be intimidating at times to use new tech platforms, becoming acclimated with the way in which other healthcare organizations operate will make you a more well-rounded practitioner in every job you pursue.

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