Does a Locum Tenens Career Offer Job Security?

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Have you ever considered a locum tenens career, but decided against it because you believed locum tenens work lacked job security? Well, the good news is you can have job security through locum tenens employment.

Locum tenens physicians are in high demand, putting locum tenens workers at a distinct advantage in obtaining steady work, especially in busy cities and the surrounding regions. In fact, demand for locum tenens physicians is expected to keep growing due to changes that came with the Affordable Care Act as well as the aging population in the U.S. If you’re seeking job security through a locum tenens position, here are three areas where you’ll want to consider landing a job:

East Coast. Offering an abundance of medical opportunities, this region is home to several well-known hospitals and smaller, specialized healthcare institutions. New York City alone has one of the highest demands for healthcare workers in the country, which is expected to increase through 2020. Add the city of Philadelphia with its wealth of teaching hospitals and the growing population between the two metropolitan areas. No matter what your specialty, you’ll be able to find numerous locum tenens positions where you can grow and advance your career.

Midwest. From Cleveland Ohio, to the Twin Cities of Minnesota and the many cities and small towns in between there are virtually unlimited opportunities in which to pursue a locum tenens career. If you’re looking for diverse experience in the field, you can choose from big city hospitals to small rural walk-in clinics. You can work with diverse populations honing your specialized skills or take advantage of the areas many educational opportunities in this part of the country.

Southeastern US. An aging population migrating southward and an increasingly mobile workforce has created an ever-growing demand for healthcare workers in the south and the number of healthcare jobs is expected to continue to grow. Florida in particular hosts many retirees and vacationers, but many southern states also face an influx of new residents including the Carolinas, Tennessee and Louisiana. This gives locum tenens physicians the opportunity to work in a variety of specialties and settings.

The regions above have a number of medical facilities, making them all ideal destinations for locum tenens assignments. With a demand for healthcare workers expected to continue, there is no better time to start a locum tenens career.

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