Going Through a Career Change?

Locum Tenens Careers

Are you a healthcare professional going through a career change? Maybe you’re looking for a new work environment or simply a different type of position. Whatever your career goals may be, locum tenens can often be the perfect path for any career transition in the healthcare industry.

Here are some reasons to pursue locum tenens assignments when going through a career change:

Temporary employment. The short-term, temporary nature of locum tenens assignments make it the ideal “temp” opportunity for any healthcare professional in between jobs. For example, if you’ve chosen to leave your full-time job but aren’t quite sure where you’ll be working next, working a locum tenens assignment in the interim will allow you to earn an income while taking the time you need to reflect and consider your options.

Professional experience. Are you finding yourself underqualified or unprepared for many of the full-time jobs on the market? Perhaps you need to build or maintain your case log in between permanent positions? Locum tenens work will offer you valuable experience, helping you cultivate critical professional skills and become a more marketable candidate in the eyes of potential employers. Additionally, facilities are often very impressed by this type of employment, as locum tenens assignments are often highly regarded professional experiences.

Exploration. In the process of making a career change, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for. One of the most appealing aspects of locum tenens work is the ability to immerse yourself in many different medical facilities and work with several types of healthcare providers. This type of exposure will open your eyes to professional opportunities you may have never considered before.

Are you a healthcare professional looking to make a career change? Start your locum tenens adventure with MedPartners Locum Tenens (MPLT) and let us get you on the path to success!