Benefits of Working Locum Tenens Jobs Over the Holidays

Holiday Coverage

Though it’s common knowledge many healthcare professionals are expected to work during the holidays, locum tenens providers have the flexibility to choose whether they want assignments during the holiday season. The prospect of working locum tenens assignments over the holidays may not have you jumping for joy, but there may be a silver lining you haven’t considered. Was your original goal in pursuing locum tenens work to have a less stressful schedule while earning a competitive salary? If so, check out the benefits of working locum tenens assignments over the holidays:

More job opportunities. Because full-time staff at many hospitals and large healthcare organizations takes vacation time during the holidays, locum tenens opportunities are more prevalent so seasonal staffing fluctuations can be accommodated. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make yourself available for holiday assignments, especially if you’d like to earn extra money in a short time. In fact, many locum tenens physicians find they’re able to sustain a fruitful locum tenens career simply by filling in during seasonal shortages each year.

A quieter, slower-paced work environment. Not surprisingly, most healthcare facilities are slower and less busy during the holiday time. If you’d prefer a quieter and more relaxing work environment, taking locum tenens jobs during the holidays is ideal. In addition to having a lower case load, coworkers and patients may be happier and more joyous during the holidays – resulting in a more positive and uplifting work experience for providers doing holiday locum tenens coverage. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide care to patients who are stuck in the hospital, which can be a very rewarding experience since they need your compassion during a tough time.

Professional development. If you’re behind on your professional development, working during the holiday season presents the perfect time to learn and connect with other physicians. Because your workload during the holidays will be reduced, you’ll have the chance to take on new projects and make a name for yourself among peers and bosses. Furthermore, helping at a hospital during holiday staffing shortages will speak volumes of your work commitment and can be very beneficial when it’s time to acquire recommendations at the end of your assignments.

If you’ve been against working locum tenens assignments during the holiday season, it may be time to shift your mindset. You’ll be surprised at how much working holiday assignments can help your career and be an enjoyable change of pace!

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