Preparing for a Locum Tenens Interview as a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner (NP) Jobs

If you’re an experienced nurse practitioner, it is still useful to prepare for an interview for a locum tenens position. However, locum tenens jobs for nurse practitioners are different by nature than full-time permanent positions. This means that during your interview you must ask the right questions and showcase what specifically makes you qualified for locum tenens employment.

As you embark on your locum tenens journey, here are some tips to help you prepare accordingly:

Emphasize your experience. Many locum tenens employers seek nurse practitioners with a broad range of experience. This is mainly because locum tenens workers are expected to thrive in a variety of medical settings, all with varying protocols and practices. Candidates with vast experience tend to be most equipped at handling the diversity of locum tenens jobs and better poised to handle unexpected challenges or situations that may arise during locum tenens assignments.

Demonstrate an interest in travel. As the demand for nurse practitioners in locum tenens capacities continues to rise, many staffing firms are seeking candidates with a desire to travel and take on new jobs throughout the country. Highlighting your interest in the travel aspect of locum tenens work will make you an appealing candidate, as employers will value your scheduling flexibility and willingness to take assignments in different cities and towns.

Express a desire to learn. Because a locum tenens career involves working in a variety of workplace settings every one to three months, it’s in your best interest to demonstrate a desire to continually learn and pick up new skills. Nurse practitioners who show initiative and drive to succeed in the locum tenens field are perceived by potential employers as highly capable of delivering the best care to patients – no matter what work environment in which they are working.

Being mindful of the tips above will give you an edge in your interview performance and position you as a top candidate for any locum tenens job. The key is to harness each interview opportunity and show what makes you uniquely qualified.

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