Should I Find My Next Locum Tenens Opportunity by Using a Recruiter?

Locum Tenens Recruiters

Hoping to land a new locum tenens job? If you’re interested in landing a locum tenens assignment, you may be wondering where to turn for the best help and guidance. Fortunately, using a locum tenens recruiter can be extremely beneficial in helping you navigate the locum tenens job search and application process.

As you explore your options, here are some of the main reasons to enlist the help of a recruiter as you get your career underway:  

Finding the best assignments.

With thousands of locum tenens jobs on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which types of assignments to pursue. Additionally, you may not know what assignments are best suited for your credentials and personal preferences, such as workplace culture and geographic location. A recruiter will work with you on defining your criteria for a locum tenens assignment, as well as research the types of jobs that may interest you most. Furthermore, most recruiters generally have firsthand access to locum tenens job placements before they’re made public, helping you gain exposure to a broader range of options.  

Back-end screening of assignments.

As you’re considering different locum tenens opportunities, it’s normal to feel skeptical about what types of assignments (and employers) are the most reputable across the nation. The good news is that a recruiter will perform all the back-end research of locum tenens jobs for you. Part of a recruiter’s job is to ensure employers and locum tenens assignments are vetted and offer stable, ethical employment opportunities for candidates. They will also work on your behalf with facilities to establish your responsibilities and negotiate your compensation, ensuring your contract adheres to standard employment regulations.  

Advocating for your success.

Because it's the main responsibility of recruiters to find top-quality candidates for their clients, they are committed to ensuring you (the candidate) are the ideal fit for their clients’ staffing needs.  This means a recruiter will work closely with you on finding locum tenens jobs that align directly with your qualifications, area of expertise and career goals. Because of their dedication to making a match that works for both parties, a recruiter will serve as an advocate for you during the job search process, assisting you every step of the way – from helping you improve your resume and providing assistance with all assignment logistics.  

As you can see, there’s good reason to utilize a recruiter in your locum tenens job search, especially if you’re just starting your locum tenens career.  The more acclimated you become with locum tenens work, the more you’ll see the value in having a recruiter by your side.  

Learn how working with a specialized recruiter at MPLT Healthcare can help you find the best locum tenens opportunities across the country.