Why Locum Tenens PAs Have High Job Satisfaction

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With demand for all types of healthcare positions on the rise, many emerging medical students are increasingly turning to careers as physician assistants. If you’re a PA or planning to become one, you’re probably aware that it can be a very fulfilling career path. However, did you know working in a locum tenens capacity can increase your job satisfaction and give you even more opportunities and financial freedom? Here are some of the reasons why locum tenens PAs have such high satisfaction in their jobs:   

Competitive pay.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing shortage of healthcare professionals across the country, the need for locum tenens PAs has risen dramatically. Because of the increased demand, locum tenens PAs can negotiate higher than average pay depending on several factors, such as expertise and location. In addition, appealing financial perks include paid travel expenses and lodging.   

Better work-life balance.

The flexibility afforded by a career as a locum tenens PA can significantly improve your work-life balance and offer more freedom in your personal life. From seasonal assignments to weekend shifts only, locum tenens PAs can choose where and how often they’d like to work. For PAs who have busy family lives or wish to spend more time traveling, this can be a tremendous asset to their careers, leading to long-term job satisfaction and happiness.   

Career exploration.

Many PAs, especially those in the early stages of their careers, find that locum tenens jobs allow them to explore different medical specialties and concentrations. This can be especially beneficial for those who are still deciding on what full-time medical path to pursue, allowing them to experience a variety of practice settings and learn directly from many seasoned healthcare professionals during assignments.

Ultimately, the opportunity to work in many locum tenens capacities can help PAs determine where their interests and talents are best suited. Whether you’re just beginning your PA career or are an experienced PA looking for a career shift, exploring the benefits of locum tenens can lead you to greater job satisfaction over time.

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