Why You Should Use Locum Tenens Professionals at Your Facility

Utilize Locum Tenens Providers

As physician shortages worsen, many healthcare employers are finding it difficult to manage increasing patient caseloads while upholding the highest standards of patient care. If you’ve discovered that your healthcare facility could use more help, it’s time to consider the many benefits of employing a locum tenens workforce. Here are a few of the reasons to offer locum tenens positions at your organization:

Increase patient volume and reduce wait time.

Adding locum tenens physicians and advanced practice roles to your team can help your existing staff increase the number of patients treated per day, as well as reduce wait times during busy seasonal periods. When caseload spikes are predictable, planning to hire locum tenens workers will give you the personnel to meet increased demand during busy season. This not only improves patient satisfaction but positively affects your bottom line!

Keep staffing levels balanced and employee retention high.

Bringing on locum tenens workers will take a load off your full-time staff, reducing the need for them to work longer hours and take on unreasonable shifts beyond the scope of their positions. This plays a key role in keeping burnout levels low because your team will experience less fatigue and resentment, resulting in better employee morale and retention in the long run. Locum tenens providers are especially helpful for filling labor voids during times in which staffing shortages are more prevalent, such as during holiday weeks when more of your full-time workers take time off.

Find top-notch personnel efficiently.

The hiring process can be tedious and finding highly qualified candidates has become quite a challenge for many healthcare facilities. Working with a locum tenens staffing firm almost guarantees you’ll bring on board only the most skilled and experienced personnel. This is because your new hires will have already been prescreened by your staffing firm to be a fit for your hiring needs and requirements.

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