Locum Tenens: A Great Option for Retiring Physicians


The thought of retirement may be looming in the distance, and like many retirees you’re excited to finally enjoy all the years of hard work. However, you also may be wondering how you might fill all that free time. Maybe full-time retirement isn’t the solution. The question then becomes, how can you still do what you love, get paid, yet maintain the freedom retirement is meant to provide?

Locum tenens assignments may be just the solution to this conundrum. These temporary contract positions offer extra income, freedom, and flexibility while allowing you to keep your skills up to date just in case you need to return to full-time work.

Here, we review some reasons why locum tenens assignments may be the best option for physicians as you transition from full-time practice to retirement.

Avoid Boredom, But On Your Schedule

Years of practicing medicine meant not only maintaining a regular work schedule, but often times being on call for late nights, holidays, and weekends. After 20+ years of this, it’s no wonder retirement looks wonderful. You will have the freedom to do as you please without being anchored by professional responsibility. However, many retirees find this much freedom and not having the same purpose that drove them all these years can lead to boredom and confusion. Luckily, locum tenens practitioners are able to continue practicing and sharpening their skills on their own time. When you accept a locum tenens contract, it’s up to you when and where you want to work.

Get Paid to Explore New Place

Travel is at the top of most retirees list of things to do. Locum tenens assignments provide an opportunity to travel to new places, earn a great living, and not be tied down by the time constraints of full time practice. Also, trusted locum tenens staffing agencies, like MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens), handle not only the logistics of your travel, but they pay for it too.

Extra Income Doesn’t Hurt

The world is an uncertain place and retirement can be a scary prospect, especially from a financial standpoint. You may have done all the right things leading up to retirement and planned your finances diligently, but life has a tendency to throw us curve balls now and again. Locum tenens positions can be a great way to cover your bases in the event unplanned expenses pop up, while still maintaining your freedom of schedule.

Get Closer With Distant Relatives

Most of us have relatives we wish we could see more often and locum tenens may be a great way to do just that, while making extra income. MPLT Healthcare has positions available nationwide, just let a recruiter know where your friends or family live and we can help you find a role nearby. This will give you the flexibility to spend free time with them, while also having your own personal space nearby.

Explore Relocation Options Affordably and Hassle Free

Traveling and relocation are great ways to spend your golden years, but can be costly. If you are considering relocation, what better way to explore each location than taking a paid assignment as a locum tenens physician? Not only can you take short term contracted positions nationwide, you also get paid well, make your own schedule, and get to know members of the community while you’re at it. Reputable staffing agencies also take care of all your travel and housing expenses throughout the contract, so you get to explore hassle free.

If retirement is quickly approaching and you want to explore the semi-retirement options that allow you to earn income, practice your passion, travel, and maintain your freedom, call MPLT Healthcare today at 954-507-4838 or contact us here. We can help you find the perfect assignment based on your goals as you transition from full-time practice to retirement.