Multi-State Licensing Made Easy

Multi-State Licensing Made Easy

A Quick Guide to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC)

  1. What is interstate compact licensure?

It is an agreement among U.S. states that addresses the licensing of physicians across state lines, making it easier for physicians to obtain licenses to practice in multiple states. The Compact License also strengthens public protection by enhancing the ability of states to share investigative and disciplinary information.

  1. Where can I see a list of Compact Member States?

You can view an interactive map of IMLC Member States here:

  1. How do you know if your current State Medical License can be utilized for compact licensure?

You must hold a full, unrestricted medical license in one of the Compact Member States that is available to serve as a State of Principal Licensure (please see map here) AND at least ONE of the below must apply:

    • Your primary residence is in the State of Principal Licensure (SPL)
    • At least 25% of your practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
    • Your employer is located in the SPL
    • You use the SPL as your state of residence for U.S. federal income tax purposes
  1. In order to obtain a Letter of Qualification (LOQ) a provider must meet ALL of the following qualifications:

    • Have graduated from an accredited medical school, or a school listed in the International Medical Education Directory
    • Successful completion of ACGME or AOA accredited graduate medical education
    • Passed each component of the USMLE, COMLEX-USA, or equivalent in no more than three attempts
    • Must be Board Certified
    • Must not have any history of disciplinary actions on any medical license
    • Must not have any criminal history (fingerprints will be required)
    • Must not have any history of controlled substance actions noted on their medical license
    • Must not currently be under any type of investigation
    • NOTE: There are no refunds, so ensure that you qualify before applying
  1. How does the process work?

An online application is completed and submitted with a $700 non-refundable application fee. You will then receive instructions to obtain fingerprints for a national criminal background check, which must be completed within 60 days. Once your qualifications as a provider have been verified, you will be sent a Letter of Qualification. We can now go onto the IMLCC website, select the compact states that you want to be licensed in and submit the licensing fees for each individual state. Additional states can be chosen at a later date for an additional $100 handling fee.

  1. How long does it take to receive the Letter of Qualification (LOQ)?

Along with reviewing your training and other qualifications, the Letter of Qualification process involves querying data banks and running a criminal history background check. As a result, it may take several weeks for your selected State of Principal License to complete this step. After you receive a Letter of Qualification, the process of issuing licenses in IMLC Member States usually takes only a few days. The LOQ is good for 365 days.

  1. What is the cost?

Application cost is a $700.00 fee PLUS the cost of the IMLC Member State license(s) where you select to practice. If after the first selection of states you desire to select more states, there is a $100.00 handling fee, in addition to the state application fees. All fees are non-refundable, per IMLCC rules.

  1. If you don’t have a license in one of the Compact Member States and you apply for a license in a Compact Member State, can you select that state as your State of Principal Licensure (SPL)?

YES, as long as you meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • Your primary residence is in the SPL
    • At least 25% of your practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
    • Your employer is located in the SPL
    • You use the SPL as your state of residence for U.S. federal income tax purposes

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Getting your IMLC license can open doors to a wide variety of new opportunities. This is great for providers who wish to participate in locum tenens work because you can get licensed in multiple states simultaneously and be ready to work in multiple locations more quickly and efficiently.

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