Why Should I Consider a Rural Opportunity as a Nurse Practitioner?

NP Locum Tenens Opportunities

If you’re a nurse practitioner who’s always had dreams of expanding your horizons and broadening the scope of your career, it’s time to consider locum tenens opportunities in rural America. Though you may be more drawn to big cities, there are many facets to rural healthcare jobs you have probably never considered. A locum tenens opportunity in a rural area can reap countless benefits for both your career and quality of life. Let’s explore some of the reasons to pursue locum tenens jobs in rural parts of the United States:

Lower cost of living. Many nurse practitioners struggle with paying off their student loans after graduation as they begin working full time. With the cost of living in large cities being double or triple that of rural areas, many locum tenens workers in rural towns accumulate a greater discretionary income and enjoy a better quality of life. In addition, rural areas have a much higher demand for skilled nurse practitioners, which means salaries in rural healthcare facilities are much higher than those in metropolitan areas. A higher salary and lower cost of living is a winning combination for many nurse practitioners who are trying to save money without denying themselves extra lifestyle perks such as vacations, eating out and other recreational activities.

Diversified healthcare experience. One of the only ways nurse practitioners can make themselves marketable in the healthcare field is by getting a wide range of experience. Healthcare professionals in rural areas tend to wear many hats, as they often have much smaller staffs. This gives locum tenens practitioners the opportunity to expand their experience and handle a variety of patient conditions, medical procedures and the like. This broad range of experience can be extremely valuable in building your credentials and gaining confidence to handle a variety of workplace situations. In fact, because of the intimate nature of a rural healthcare setting, many locum tenens workers can work in different capacities, develop closer relationships with teammates and earn very positive referrals from their supervisors.

Healthier work-life balance. As a nurse practitioner, you would probably agree that working in any busy healthcare environment can take its toll on your physical and mental health. In rural areas, you’ll quickly discover that the work pace tends to be slower and more relaxed than it is in a large city hospital. This more easygoing approach to work is directly connected to a better work-life balance, in which locum tenens workers experience more leisure time to explore their new town and achieve better health and well-being.

After working just one rural locum tenens assignment, you’ll see how it can change your outlook on many aspects of your career and life. The sooner you expose yourself to new opportunities, the more you’ll accelerate your professional growth in your field.

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