What to Pack for a Locum Tenens Placement

Locum Tenens Travel

Gearing up for your first travel locum tenens placement? If you’re like many locum tenens first-timers, you may have discovered that landing your first assignment is just the beginning. Now, you’re likely finding yourself faced with the task of preparing for what lies ahead – including navigating travel logistics, housing and your new facility. Unsure of exactly what to pack while on the road for the next few months? We've got you covered! Here's a round-up of some of the essential items for any locum tenens placement:

Required documentation.

Though gathering paperwork and documentation certainly isn’t the most exciting part about preparing for a locum tenens assignment, it is essential for ensuring a smooth transition to your new destination. Depending on your travel arrangements, you may need to gather one or more of the following documents: photo ID, boarding pass, credentialing documents, driving directions, vehicle rental information, and housing/hotel accommodations. Additionally, it’s important to have your recruiter’s contact information on hand, as well as any details pertaining to your assignment – such as the facility’s contact information and parking specifics.

Travel essentials.

Just as you would pack your essentials for a vacation, a locum tenens assignment is no exception! While you’ll likely have access to various stores and pharmacies once you arrive to your assignment, preparing a bag of “travel essentials” – including personal hygiene items, toiletries, medications, phone and computer chargers – will save you a lot of time and aggravation. By having this bag of “to-go” items organized and on hand, you’ll guarantee that your personal needs will be met on the road, even if anything unexpected arises during your travels.

Some personal items.

While you may not deem your favorite pillow or houseplant a necessity, having some elements of home can make you feel more at ease while transitioning into a new living space. Packing a few personal items – especially if you’re traveling far – can be comforting when embarking on a new assignment away from family and friends. Many locum tenens professionals find that bringing along some comforts of home such as a comfy blanket or a few books help them better acclimate to their new surroundings while reducing feelings of homesickness.

Packing for a locum tenens assignment can seem daunting the first few times; however, the process becomes easier as you get used to doing travel assignments. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at getting ready for all your locum tenens jobs!

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