Tips for Providing an Optimal Telehealth Experience

Improving the Telehealth Experience

As telehealth becomes increasingly prevalent at healthcare facilities across the country, physicians are faced with the challenge of delivering telehealth services in a way that’s both effective and comforting for patients. Healthcare providers who understand the importance of enhancing the telehealth experience will be able to offer superior care to their patients before, during, and after their treatments. As you adapt to the telehealth model, here are three tips for making patients more comfortable with virtual visits:

Regularly check your technology.

Using a form of technology for health visits can be intimidating for some patients. There are many functions of your telehealth software that should be regularly checked to ensure smooth interactions between physicians and patients. This involves making sure your system has a high-quality internet connection and is equipped with properly working audio and visual components. It’s also critical that your software is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. While the facility you work for may handle much of the IT aspect, it’s still important to ensure that your programs or apps are up to date and that you have the right equipment to make the process easy for both you and your patients.

Make the telehealth experience “patient-centered.” 

Virtual medical care naturally makes visits less personal for patients in terms of a two-way conversation and overall experience with their providers. Physicians who are committed to positive engagement through strong communication, direct eye contact, and active listening will put their patients at ease throughout the visit. Focusing on the quality of communication and interactions will assure patients they have your full attention and can feel safe in discussing their concerns.

Streamline the process.

From the point of scheduling visits to post-visit communications, the entire patient care process should be streamlined from start to finish. Through the integration of different programs within your telehealth system, you can implement seamless check-in procedures that allow patients to securely input their information and receive confirmation of their scheduled appointment. Making sure your system is equipped to efficiently facilitate patient requests and generate the necessary documentation is key to effectively streamlining the process.

By taking steps to enhance the telehealth process for patients, you’ll develop a stronger reputation for superior care and cutting edge technology. Most importantly, your patients will feel they are being treated with the highest regard in all aspects of their care.

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