The Psychiatrist Shortage

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According to this recent article by, healthcare employment in the U.S. is expected to grow by approximately 19 percent by 2024, and increasing demand for psychiatrists is no exception. There is currently a severe shortage of psychiatrists, easily making mental health one of the most appealing physician specialties for newcomers in the healthcare industry.

One of the main drivers of the psychiatrist shortage is the fact that Americans now have health insurance coverage due the Affordable Care Act. Under this federal statute, Americans can receive mental health and substance abuse services, which have created an increased need for psychiatrists.

If you work in the mental health field, you’ll be happy to know your career growth potential is positive. At MPLT Healthcare, we have many different opportunities available nationwide. Keep reading below about how you can obtain a psychiatrist position through us and the ways our professionals help reduce the psychiatrist shortage:

Increase awareness and education. At MPLT Healthcare, we value the importance of knowledge and information. We encourage our candidates to act as mentors to younger, less experience professionals so the healthcare industry continues to deliver high-quality patient care. In order to reduce the psychiatrist shortage, it’s important that mental health professionals advocate for mental health careers and help medical students understand that mental health services are just as important as physical health services.

Demand higher compensation. Our recruiters know the importance of fair compensation which is why we only offer opportunities in which our candidates will earn competitive salaries, along with a full benefits package. Compensation for psychiatric jobs needs to increase in order to satisfy increasing demand and make psychiatry a more appealing career option to medical students. It’s important that all psychiatrists insist on fair compensation and demonstrate their value to potential employers.

Create a supportive environment. It’s imperative the healthcare industry takes more steps to create supportive environment for the psychiatry profession and mental health community. This can only be accomplished by including psychiatrists in the diagnosis and treatment stages of patients’ physical illnesses, and encouraging more patients to receive mental health services.

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