Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Locum Tenens Lifestyle

Locum Tenens Lifestyle

You’ve likely heard many phenomenal things about a locum tenens lifestyle such as flexibility, travel opportunities and competitive pay. However, before becoming enraptured in the idea of a locum tenens lifestyle, it’s important to first educate yourself and determine whether you’re a fit for this unique type of work.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider a locum tenens career:

Am I flexible and able to adapt to new work environments? Adaptability is critical for excelling in locum tenens work for many reasons. First, you’ll constantly be placed in new locum tenens jobs where you’ll be expected to perform in many types of surroundings and practice settings. Because of this, you will need to adjust to varying standards and procedures in a variety of medical environments. Second, a locum tenens job can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. If you’re somebody who prefers a predictable work schedule, the fluctuating nature of locum tenens work may not be for you.

Do I have a desire to travel and explore the country? One of the most interesting aspects of locum tenens assignments is the opportunity to work while traveling the country. Many physicians enter the locum tenens field so they can explore new cities and towns while still earning a competitive income. However, if you do not have a desire to travel or be on the road, you may want to reconsider whether pursuing locum tenens assignments would worth an investment of your time and energy. While there may be opportunities to work near where you live, you will have far more options if you are open to traveling for locum tenens jobs.

How will locum tenens work impact my family? Due to the flexibility afforded by locum tenens assignments, many physicians find that locum tenens work improves their family lives. This is especially true for part-time locum tenens workers who opt for only a few assignments per year, incorporating them into family vacations or getaway excursions. On the other hand, full-time locum tenens workers may find it difficult to be apart from their families for extended periods of time (even though their jobs are temporary). You must evaluate your own personal commitments and determine how locum tenens work would play a role within your family life.

As you can see, there are many factors involved when considering locum tenens work. While it’s not for everyone, a locum tenens career can be an incredibly life-changing experience. Being fully informed about what you can expect from a locum tenens lifestyle will help you make the best decision for you.

Is a locum tenens lifestyle right for you?

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