How to Know When Your Recruiter is a Catch

Is your recruiter a catch?

Finding a recruiter who fits your style can sometimes be difficult, but connecting with the right person can be a huge boon for your career. You need a recruiter who is just right for you – someone who really gets you. How do you know when you have found “the one” for you?

They Know You and Your Needs

The right recruiter will stand out from the crowd by taking the time to get to know you not just as a professional, but as a person. A good recruiter knows that there are many other dimensions to your life besides your career. They will take into account your family and your interests as well as the direction you want your career to go. A truly exceptional recruiter will also respect your time and communicate clearly with you in the way that is best for you.

They Pave the Way to Success

When your recruiter is a catch, they carefully advocate for your interests when negotiating your contracts. They will also help pave the way to success by helping with the little details to make each contract go smoothly. Assistance with the credentialing and licensing team is key here, as well as being reliable when it comes to arranging your travel and lodging. That ideal recruiter is there to help you expand and enhance your career, not just looking to make a match and move on. This person will be there for you when it’s time to take the next step, whether that means another contract or perhaps a something new. A recruiter who is on your side helps you achieve your goals.

It’s More Than a Job

The ideal recruiter is the type of person who truly takes the time to get to know you and create a relationship with you. You’re not just a job or a number on a spreadsheet to them. When your recruiter is a catch, they call you to say happy birthday, check in on you at the right times, and remember what you talked about the last time you chatted. This person will follow up with you when you have an issue, and makes sure to get things done with you need a solution. A great recruiter genuinely cares about you as a person and wants to make sure you have the best experience possible. They will take the time to listen to and understand your needs, your situation, and your wishes and most importantly, they will respect you.

There for the Long Haul

If your recruiter is a catch, they can make a world of difference in your career. Not only will that person be able to place you in jobs that are a great fit, but they will help you enhance your career and grow into new and exciting opportunities. That perfect recruiting match can result in a lifelong friendship and working relationship. Ready to meet that person? Contact us today.