How Can Rural Facilities Fight the Physician Shortage?

Locum Tenens Physicians

Though a physician shortage is occurring across the entire U.S., healthcare facilities in rural areas are undeniably taking the greatest hit. According to the National Hospital Association, nearly 2,000 hospitals in the U.S. are considered rural hospitals – which make up approximately 35 percent of all hospitals throughout the country! Remote communities are in serious need of healthcare, which is why it’s now more important than ever to attract locum tenens physicians to these areas. Here are some ways a staffing partner can help your organization fight the physician shortage and attract locum tenens professionals to your workforce:

Highlight the impact. Many locum tenens physicians are trying to make a name for themselves in the medical industry. It’s easy for a locum tenens physician to become a “big fish in a small pond” in rural areas and experience firsthand the rewarding results of their work. A recruiting partner will communicate the significant impact locum tenens workers can make in smaller communities in need of their services. This factor is especially important for millennials who seek to immerse themselves in their work environments and attach themselves to causes they care deeply about.

Showcase new opportunities and experiences. Working in a rural environment presents different opportunities than jobs in metropolitan and suburban areas. Your staffing agency will share with locum tenens candidates the benefits of new opportunities and experiences that come from a rural area, such as learning alternative ways to practice medicine and exposure to how other people live. You’ll be surprised to learn how many locum tenens physicians will welcome the opportunity to take on new professional challenges and adopt a different lifestyle in the process.

Lower expenses and better quality of life. Many locum tenens workers find they enjoy a lower cost of living afforded by rural settings, which in turn gives them a better quality of life. Because housing costs, food items and everyday expenses are generally lower in rural areas than they are in large cities, it’s much easier to accrue a greater net income. The cost-savings is especially helpful for new physicians who just graduated from school and want more disposable income to pay off their debt. Your staffing agency will use this benefit as a top selling point when attracting new physicians to your facility.

Highlighting the factors above to potential locum tenens candidates will help them understand the many benefits of working in a rural area. The more education and information provided throughout the recruitment and hiring process, the more locum tenens workers will be inclined to explore rural opportunities.

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