Tips for Standing Out as a Locum Tenens Physician

Locum Tenens Interviews

If you’re transitioning from being a full-time physician to a locum tenens career path, you may be under the impression the locum tenens industry is less saturated with physician candidates. However, locums work has grown in popularity over the past several years, which may leave you up against some hefty competition for locum tenens assignments. To present yourself as a competitive candidate for the best locum tenens jobs, here are a few key steps to follow:

Revamp your CV. Simply dusting off your existing CV is not enough to shine as a locum tenens candidate in the current job market. As you develop your CV, you must be mindful of what facilities are seeking in a locum tenens provider. Make sure your CV reflects the soft skills that are necessary to excel in a caregiving role, such as strong communication, adaptability and empathy. Consider highlighting how you’ve demonstrated these skills in past positions, being specific about your responsibilities and what you accomplished.

Demonstrate flexibility. It’s important to realize that healthcare organizations in need of locum tenens workers have varying staffing needs that must to be filled in a timely manner. Demonstrating flexibility to employers will show you’re willing and able to work various shifts or schedules and adapt to the needs of the organization as they arise. Whether it’s working nights or taking weekend shifts, make sure your recruiter is aware you can fill in where needed so they can pass along that information to potential facilities. In addition, if you’re willing to travel to any city or town for an assignment, be sure to let your recruiter know. That type of flexibility can do wonders for making you a more marketable candidate!

Obtain at least three professional references. When it comes to getting that perfect locum tenens assignment, your references will be instrumental in giving you an edge over the competition. Along with your resume and application materials, be sure to include at least three references from former supervisors or respected colleagues who can speak to your abilities and expertise. These should be individuals whom you’ve worked directly with during shifts and have seen you in action in the workplace. Make sure to include your references’ names, titles, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses so they can be easily reached.

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