Strategies to Battle Physician Burnout

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With physician burnout becoming rampant at healthcare institutions across the country, it’s increasingly important for physicians to build resilience and a work-life balance they can sustain for long-term career success. Fortunately, in a locum tenens position, you’ll experience a great deal of flexibility and control over your career, which can significantly keep stress levels low.

Check out these strategies to help you avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance:

Schedule time off. Taking extended time off from the clinical responsibilities of your job is crucial for your mental and physical well-being. Making sure to “unplug” from workplace demands so you can recharge will in turn make you better equipped to handle the many challenges of patient care when you return to work. With a locum tenens position, you’ll have full control of your own schedule and be able to decide when and where you’d like to work. Whether you’d like to take just a week off or a month-long hiatus, MPLT Healthcare can accommodate your career preferences.

Make time for regular exercise. Incorporating regular exercise into your schedule is vital to maintaining your most optimal health. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, exercise provides an outlet to release stress, helping you to rid yourself of the tensions you may experience at work. Your focus and mental clarity will also improve, making you more prepared to handle the day-to-day demands of your job. A locum tenens job allows you flexibility to create a work schedule around your individual exercise preferences; for example, if you like to exercise in the mornings, you can choose to take jobs that only involve afternoon or evening shifts.

Find the right work environment. To avoid burnout, it’s imperative to work in organization that values patient care and allows you time to directly connect with and care for patients by reducing clerical and data entry responsibilities. If the demands of your current job are causing you too much stress, the MPLT Healthcare team can connect you to opportunities in which you’ll be able to make a real difference in the lives of your patients and balance those duties with your personal life.

Is your current job leaving you burned out?

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