Strategies for Retaining Locum Tenens Providers

As it becomes more difficult to find credentialed and highly qualified locum tenens providers, healthcare facilities must make a greater effort to retain their current locum tenens staff and become an attractive employer to new providers. Locum tenens staff retention is key for better engaging your locum tenens team, as well as for creating a work environment that fosters productivity, morale, and the best patient care outcomes. Here are some strategies for increasing retention of your locum tenens providers:

Focus on communication practices.

When hiring locum tenens providers, it’s essential to establish a streamlined system of communication for all temporary staff. This involves providing meaningful communication outlets through which your locum tenens providers can freely ask questions, receive guidance, and have their concerns addressed promptly during their assignments. From weekly staff meetings to regular email communications, it’s critical for your management team to actively check in with locum tenens providers and gauge their job satisfaction at your facility.

Offer temp-to-permanent hiring options.

Even if you don’t always have a need for full-time staff, offering temp-to-permanent hiring options can often increase interest, satisfaction, and thus retention when it comes to employing locum tenens providers. Because some locum tenens providers may be seeking full-time roles in the months to come, you can market these hiring options to candidates who express an interest in joining your facility as a permanently employed provider down the road. Many locum tenens providers will appreciate the opportunity to use locum tenens work as a segue before accepting a full-time offer at your facility.

Invest in an onboarding program.

Even though locum tenens providers are temporary employees, they still require onboarding just as permanent staff would. Investing in a comprehensive and informative onboarding program will give your locum tenens providers a positive introduction to your facility, all while ensuring they have the tools and support they need to succeed during their assignments. The most effective and compelling onboarding programs often include staff training for various facility functions (such as EMR software or telemedicine technologies), as well as facility tours and management meet-and-greets.

Implementing these strategies can be impactful for retaining your locum tenens staff and building a strong reputation as an employer to future locum tenens candidates.

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