Tips for Navigating Travel Stress in Locum Tenens

Becoming a locum tenens provider comes with numerous benefits, yet navigating certain aspects of this lifestyle—especially if you're new to locums—can be overwhelming. From managing travel arrangements to maintaining a packed schedule, there are quite a few moving parts to consider. Fortunately, with some strategic planning, you can alleviate much of the stress and position yourself for success. Here are a few ways to help you mitigate stress while on assignment.

Streamline for Efficiency

Before embarking on a new assignment, it's important to ensure everything is meticulously organized ahead of time and look for ways to make your travel process as efficient as possible. Provide your travel team with thorough and up-to-date information in as much detail as you can, such as any recent name or address changes. Also, consider enrolling in programs like TSA Precheck and/or Global Entry to streamline your travel experience, and sign up for hotel and flight rewards to earn points for free flights, hotel rooms, and other perks. Keep a comprehensive list of this information readily accessible for easy reference when your travel team contacts you.

Establish a Consistent Routine

While the nature of locum tenens work can be anything but routine, maintaining a consistent schedule is essential to preserve a sense of stability in your life. Allocate dedicated time slots on your calendar for exercise and self-care, even when traveling to different locations. This not only helps prevent burnout but also allows you to feel in control of your personal time amid a potentially erratic work schedule.

Utilize Support Networks

Given the complexity of locum tenens assignments, rely on your locums team for guidance and assistance. Your locums team not only handles certain aspects of the process, such as credentialing, licensing, and travel, but they also guide you through each step. It's crucial to stay in contact with your recruiter, even between assignments, to address any issues or questions if they should arise. Keeping this line of communication open and seeking support when needed can help alleviate any unnecessary stress during assignments or in preparation for new ones.

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