Turn Your Passion for Travel into a Career

Locum Tenens Careers

With demanding schedules, there’s no denying healthcare professionals lead busy lives and often find little time to break away from the daily grind. For healthcare professionals who love to travel without taking time off from work, a locum tenens career may be the perfect fit. The best part is that locum tenens work truly allows you to turn your passion for travel into a rewarding and fulfilling career of a lifetime.

Not convinced? Here’s a breakdown of travel perks enjoyed by locum tenens pros:

Rich and memorable travel experiences. Whether you’re looking to explore a city one hour away from home or visit a town halfway across the country, there’s a locum tenens assignment awaiting you. In fact, working in a locum tenens capacity during your travels allows you to experience your new surroundings even more than you would as a tourist on vacation. This is because you’ll become immersed in the local scene and spend considerable time outside of work exploring the area.

Financial benefits. Locum tenens assignments are essentially vacations that cost you no money – because you’re essentially being paid to be on vacation! If your budget has prevented you from traveling in the past, locum tenens work allows all the same experiences as a typical vacation with the ability to earn an income. As a locum tenens provider, your housing, transportation and travel expenses are covered which will ease the financial burdens of your travels and allow you to use your extra money on more discretionary activities, such as shopping or dining out at local restaurants.

Travel on your own schedule. The beauty of a locum tenens career is you decide when and where you’d like to work. Unlike being a permanent or full-time employee, you’ll no longer be relegated to limited “paid time off” when making travel plans. If you’d like to travel over the summer or prefer to work an assignment somewhere tropical during the winter months, scheduling flexibility is one of the top benefits of a locum tenens career.

It’s time to plan your locum tenens adventure!

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