Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Professionals

Locum Tenens Travel Tips

If you are traveling for a locum tenens job, how do you make the most of your travel time? There are a few ways you can make traveling easier, simpler and overall more enjoyable.

Get TSA Pre✓®

Since you know you’re going to be on the road as a traveling doctor or advanced practice clinician, take advantage of the TSA Pre✓® program to make your airport experience that much easier. TSA Pre✓® lines are often shorter and faster moving at participating airports and you do not need to remove your shoes or take your electronics and liquids out of your carryon bag.

It only costs $85 for 5 years of TSA Pre✓®, so it is well worth the time it saves if you are a frequent traveler. Depending on your location, appointments for the background check may be booked out a few weeks into the future, so start ahead of time if you want to get TSA Pre✓® before your next locum tenens assignment.

Plan Ahead When You Pack

No matter the length of your locum tenens job, it is important to pack carefully and make the most of what you bring along with you. Here are a few quick packing tips:

  • Be mindful of the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule for your carryon bag
  • Get a reusable water bottle and refill it after the security checkpoint
  • If you are going on a long flight, pack snacks like protein bars or dried fruit
  • Keep all medications with you in your carryon
  • Keep electronic versions of reference books and important documents on your phone or tablet to save space and keep them accessible
  • Pack clothes that can be mixed and matched into multiple outfits and focus on neutral colors
  • Put your liquids in bags in case anything leaks during travel
  • Roll your clothing to save space in your luggage
  • Use a USB multi-charger instead of multiple chargers for your devices
  • Utilize the space in your shoes to save room in your luggage
  • Get more tips over on our blog!

Stay Connected with Your Airline

Most airlines are very active on social media, so you can stay current on travel delays or other events by following them on Facebook or Twitter. Airlines in particular are very active on Twitter, so reaching out to them via social media can often be an expedient way to receive assistance if you need it. The major airlines in the US also have convenient apps for your phone that offer features such as virtual tickets, updates on gate changes or delayed flights, and support contacts.

Any special considerations?

Do you need to bring your pet with you? Are you planning to travel with your family for a longer assignment? We can assist in special arrangement planning on a case by case basis. Just ask!

Work with a Trusted Locum Tenens Staffing Partner

There is a lot to consider when traveling for locum tenens work, but the most important part is to make sure you work with a trusted partner like MPLT Healthcare. We will make it easy for you to get to your assignment and back with prepaid travel, transportation and accommodations.

Ready to hit the road? We have a wide variety of nationwide locum tenens positions available. Search for your next locums job or give us a call at 1.866.346.6758.

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