Updating Your CV for a Locum Tenens Opportunity

Updating Your CV

Before you embark on your locum tenens job search, it’s a good idea to update your curriculum vitae, or CV, so it contains all your most current education, experience and credentials. With some assignments being very competitive by nature, your CV will be instrumental in helping you stand out among the applicant pool and showcase why you’re a fit for locum tenens employment.

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your CV, here are some tips for getting started:

Practice experience.

Because locum tenens employment is so patient-centered, it’s essential to make sure your CV showcases the depth of your practice experience. Including both full-time positions and any previous locum tenens assignments in chronological order will demonstrate the trajectory of your experience, showing you’ve grown in your practice and have worked in a variety of capacities. If you happen to have any major gaps in your employment history, be sure to note an explanation in your CV, such as “time off caring for a sick family member,” to account for that time period.

Certifications and licensures.

As easily one of the most critical parts of any CV, your certifications and licensures will play a huge role in your ability to qualify for locum tenens positions. Because every state has certain licensure requirements, you’ll need to show you have the necessary credentials to work in your location of choice. Depending on the role, some agencies will help you get licensed in a new state if you are eligible. In this section, clearly list each state in which you hold a medical license to show where you’re eligible to work. Additionally, be sure to include any board certifications in your areas of medical specialty, as these will enhance your candidacy.

Publications and research.

Featuring a section of your publications and research towards the end of your CV is one of the best ways to show employers your accomplishments in the healthcare field. In this section, you’ll want to include any notable research projects or published articles in peer-reviewed journals to reflect how you’ve been actively involved in your area of medical specialty.

Regardless of where you are in your healthcare career, your CV will always be an integral component of the locum tenens application process. Making the effort to consistently update your CV will keep you on track for better locum assignments while positioning you as a top candidate among employers.

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