What If I Don’t Like My Locum Tenens Placement?

Most locum tenens physicians are open-minded and willing to explore new and different placement opportunities. However, whether you’re a veteran locum tenens worker or new to the field, you may occasionally find yourself in a locum tenens job that’s not the best fit for your personal or professional skills, goals or interests.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are some steps you can take to alleviate the circumstances:  

Notify your recruiter.

If you’re unhappy in a locum tenens assignment, it’s best to first notify your locum tenens recruiter about your dissatisfaction. Depending on your specific complaints (i.e., your living conditions, type of facility, job expectations), your recruiter should be aware of your concerns so that he or she can play a role in improving your experience. Because your staffing firm coordinates most of your placement’s logistics, your recruiter may be able to get involved on your behalf to make some adjustments regarding your assignment.  

Communicate with your manager on the job.

If you feel as though your locum tenens job isn’t giving you the desired experience you were hoping for, consider professionally communicating your thoughts and concerns to your manager. For instance, are you being asked to perform work that wasn’t originally part of your job description? Have you been experiencing burnout from working past your scheduled shifts? Being proactive about sharing these things with your manager is the first step to achieving some form of improvement within your role. At the least, your manager will be aware of the situation and hopefully take some action to rectify it.  

Take advantage of networking.

Even if you’re not thrilled with the work environment of your placement, there are still ample opportunities to connect and learn from medical professionals in your unit or department. Using an assignment to grow your network and expand your professional contacts will prove to be beneficial as you eventually explore other jobs, helping you gain valuable referral sources or recommenders for future positions. By spending time broadening your network, you’ll ultimately create new employment pathways and discover new ways to advance your career in medicine.  

While it’s common to have a negative locum tenens experience once in a while, it’s how you handle this type of situation that will help you learn and grow from it. Following the tips above can be beneficial as you navigate your locum tenens career and pursue different assignments.  

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