Seeking a Locum Tenens Recruiter? Know What to Look For

Top Quality Physician Recruiter

If you’re researching for a recruiter to help you find your next locum tenens opportunity, it’s important you know the qualities that make a top-notch recruiter. At MPLT Healthcare, all our recruiters exemplify a commitment to excellent service and personalized attention. Keep reading to learn what makes the best type of recruiter:

A strong reputation. Over the years, MPLT Healthcare has earned a strong reputation among the physicians and clients we work with across the country. Our recruiters have extensive experience in physician and advanced practice clinician recruitment, so our clients and physicians can rest assured they’re working with a proven team of talent. We always strive to earn long-term loyalty by working to over-deliver on promises and being honest and fair.

Strong attention to customer service. Great recruiters are those who put their physicians and clients first, making themselves available to answer questions and address concerns as they arise. At MPLT Healthcare, our team of recruiters is always on hand to assist physicians in finding the best opportunities for their careers and lifestyle needs. We consistently strive to deliver customer service that meets the needs of our physicians, helping to place them in positions that fit their individual preferences and career goals.

Industry expertise. There are hundreds of recruiters out there, but only a handful who truly understand the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare industry. MPLT Healthcare recruiters have both the experience and knowledge required to facilitate successful physician placements at some of the most highly regarded healthcare institutions across the country. We know what employers are looking for and how to help our physicians find opportunities that will enhance their careers.

The qualities above, among others, are what set average recruiters apart from superior ones. Your recruiter could make or break your job search, so be sure to find one who is committed to your success!

Are you ready for a recruiter who values your time and talents?   

If you’re seeking new locum tenens opportunities, look no further than MPLT Healthcare.  Get in touch with one of our recruiters today and let us help you land your next job.