Where Can a Locum Tenens Career Lead Me?  

Why Should You Choose Locum Tenens Work?

Have you been considering making the transition to a locum tenens career? It’s easy to forget that locum tenens jobs don’t just offer a flexible lifestyle and competitive income – there are many underrated benefits this type of professional experience can give you. Exploring some of the other lesser-known aspects of locum tenens work will give you a better sense of whether it’s the right direction for your career. Here are some of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through a locum tenens career path:

More Experience and Expertise

In the healthcare field, experience and expertise are essential to salary growth and advancement. Locum tenens work can elevate your career by offering you opportunities to work in a diverse array of medical settings with a broad range of professionals. Acquiring this type of experience acclimates you to different healthcare practices and methodologies, allowing you to overcome new challenges while growing your professional knowledgebase. In turn, you’ll build credibility and become more appealing to future healthcare employers seeking a multifaceted healthcare provider who’s highly skilled and adaptable.

Identifying a Medical Focus

Exposure to different healthcare environments is often the catalyst for many locum tenens physicians discovering their preferred area of medical specialty. If you’re still unsure what medical specialty to pursue, taking on locum tenens assignments can help you gain clarity about your strengths and career goals by letting you experience different types of facilities and healthcare settings. From primary care to ER settings, working directly with seasoned providers in a wide range of specialties can be instrumental to gaining valuable insights regarding your own professional goals.

Permanent Placement Opportunities

If your long-term goal is to obtain a permanent position as a healthcare provider at a facility or as part of a practice, taking on locum tenens work is an effective strategy for securing a full-time job. In many cases, high-performing locum tenens professionals are considered by their locum tenens employers for permanent positions as these types of jobs become available. Because locum tenens assignments offer the opportunity to essentially "test drive" an employer, the benefit is two-fold. You’ll have a chance to determine if the facility is the right fit for you, while often receiving a greater degree of consideration for full-time employment. If you are open to locum-to-perm opportunities, be sure to let your recruiter know so they can help you find the right locum tenens assignments to help you on your way.

As outlined above, locum tenens work can bring your healthcare career to new heights. Tapping into the benefits above will transform the course of your professional path, leading to more growth and advancement in the years to come.

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