Why You Need a Gynecologic Oncologist at Your Facility

Hiring a Gynecologic Oncologist

Is your facility rapidly growing and adding new practice areas? Having the specialized expertise of a gynecologic oncologist on your team can have many benefits for your facility, and most importantly, your patients. With the rates of certain cancers on the rise, these physicians play a critical role in the early detection and effective treatment of gynecologic cancers, which primarily include cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancer. Offering this cancer care specialty at your facility can broaden your practice, allowing you to offer more comprehensive care. Here are some of the many reasons to consider adding a gynecologic oncologist at your facility:

Improved patient care outcomes. Though gynecologic cancer screenings have greatly advanced in past years, having a highly trained specialist on board to interpret test results can be instrumental in more accurate readings, and ultimately, better diagnoses and treatment. Because gynecologist oncologists specifically specialize in gynecologic cancers, they are best positioned to identify cancer signs and put forward the best course of treatment for each patient’s condition and life circumstances. Remember, these types of cancers affect many aspects of a woman’s life – including future childbearing, sexuality, and emotional and physical health. Therefore, having a doctor on board who can navigate these many concerns for female patients will not only add value to the quality of patient care but enhance the bedside manner delivered at your facility.

Surgical treatment of gynecologic cancers. Being able to perform surgical operations on gynecologic cancers can be an asset to your facility, especially from a treatment standpoint. It will allow your patients to receive comprehensive care in its fullest form, as these doctors will be directly involved in surgical procedures, as well as administering other parts of treatment like chemotherapy and radiation. This can put patients’ concerns at ease, as they’ll feel comfortable knowing that one specialized physician is involved in every aspect of their cancer care.

Collaborative care. Gynecologic oncologists work closely with your team of physicians, clinical pharmacists, physician assistants, social workers, and nurses to collaborate on patients’ care and customize the best treatment plans. This not only improves patient outcomes but also patient satisfaction levels. Patients who are being treated by a cohesive team, rather than by different individuals in various departments, will have a better experience at your facility and be more likely to refer other patients to your providers.

As you consider new practice areas and physicians, it’s important to understand the immense value a gynecologic oncologist can bring to your team. If you are considering bringing on a gynecologic oncologist, but unsure about the impact to your facility, consider locum tenens as an option. By temporarily hiring on this type of physician, you can assess whether a permanent position is the best course.

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