Healthcare Facilities are Looking for Locum Tenens Providers, But Why?

Does your facility have a staffing strategy that includes hiring locum tenens providers? As it becomes harder to find qualified healthcare staff – along with increasing hiring costs – many types of healthcare facilities are seeking locum tenens coverage. With locum tenens providers available in many roles (NPs, CRNAs, PAs, and more) and medical specialties, there are many reasons to consider how a locum tenens workforce can transform your facility for the better. Here are some of the reasons why locum tenens providers are so valuable:

Supplementing current staff.

When full-time physicians leave your facility either permanently or temporarily due to various reasons (such as vacation, maternity leave, or illness), locum tenens providers play a vital role in maintaining adequate staffing coverage. From supplementing your medical team during peak times to easing the transition of retiring providers with reduced hours, there are a multitude of ways in which locum tenens providers supplement staffing needs on an ongoing basis. Depending on your facility’s coverage needs, there are locum tenens solutions that can help.

Temp-to-permanent hiring options.

If your facility has a need for new full-time providers but is not yet ready to invest in the hiring of permanent physicians, locum tenens staffing can provide temp-to-permanent hiring opportunities. Healthcare employers can essentially hire a locum tenens physician in a temporary capacity before making the decision to offer them a full-time role. With certain locum tenens physicians aiming for full-time employment, this arrangement can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Improved patient retention.

When locum tenens providers are supporting existing medical teams, employers can feel confident that patient care is not being compromised in any way. Staffing fluctuations can directly impact patient retention levels, affecting the type of care and attention patients receive. Locum tenens providers ensure that facilities can continue to function at an optimal level without having to reschedule patient appointments or turn away new patients in the wake of provider vacancies or major staffing reductions.

With staffing shortages in the healthcare field expected to worsen, facilities are increasingly turning to locum tenens providers to bridge staffing gaps and ensure consistent, quality patient care.

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